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We used Simple Fill because one of my husbands meds was going to cost more than we could afford. Simple Fill contacted the Drug manufacturer and we are now paying 1/4 the cost of what our local pharmacy charged us. Thank you for a positive experience.

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Simplefill - FRAUD!!!!!

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This company is running a scam. I work for a doctors office and fill out patient assistance paperwork all day for patients FOR FREE!!!

any physicians office or the drug company themselves offer this service for free. You can also google any medication and the patient assistance forms yourself online and fill these out no charge. You should never be charged for this service. They are scamming people.

If you are low income and need assistance with medication no legit company is going to charge you to fill out paperwork. I have told every drug rep I know about this so that their companies are aware that this company charges for the paperwork the drug companies post for free. DO NOT USE SIMPLEFILL or any other service that charges you for patient assistance paperwork.

They are trying to make money off of others situations. I am a professional at a medical organization and want everyone to be aware of the scams companies like these run everyday.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: company shuts down and stops scamming people.

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Simplefill - Customer Care Review

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These people have zero idea what they are doing. I signed up for this program for my daughter's medication.

They kept asking for documents, took my money , called me on several occasions and told me they could not approve me for their mail order program and got me a temporary approval for Novatis which no one told me about so I paid out of pocket for my daughter's meds. I cancelled my membership 14 days after opening. Mainly because Novartis told me unless I was denied for Medicaid I could not use their program and that I didn't need simple fill I could just go through Novartis directly. Which I have since learned is the case with most drug manufacturers .

I was also told by Simple fill I'd get a refund....NOT HAPPENING. Not to mention their reps as well as their supervisors are rude, and unorganized. I would get calls 2 sometimes 3 times a day from different reps and some days with conflicting messagess. Save your money.

Like I said prescription assistance can be found through most pharmecutical manufacturers without costing you s dime.

It's a scam. I'm out 45 dollars for something I could have done for free if I'd just done the research.

Product or Service Mentioned: Simplefill Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Scam artist. Sorry Sorry.

Simplefill Prescription Assistance Programs Is A Fraud! Bad News!

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Customer service

Simplefill Prescription Assistance Programs Is A Fraud! Bad News!

I was referred to this patient assistance program through Allergan because they told me that they are one out of several programs that assists low income persons with purchasing medications that my insurance does Not cover!

When I contacted them today being Tuesday, July 21, 2015, I learned that they Charge A Processing Fee To Register which is Nothing, but a Scam!

Plus their Bogus Processing Fee does Not Guarantee that You Will Get Your Prescriptions For Free, whatsoever!

I could Not believe the Scam that they operate!

They are Not Supposed To Be Charging Low Income Qualified Persons Any Fees At All!

When I asked to speak to their supervisor, the person answering the phone was Not Helpful At All and also wanted to Charge Me An Illegal, Fraudulent Fee for Processing claiming that they do Not Get Any Funding!

Well, if You do Not get any funding, then perhaps You should Not be operating the business!

Common Sense!

Furthermore, I was very angry and upset over this Fee and then the supervisor tried to Illegally Tape Record My Voice Without My Permission, Nor Consent which is 100% Illegal!

Please NOTE: Yes, I did report them Immediately to Allergan to conduct an Investigation on their Poor, Illegitimate Business Practices and to hopefully Remove Them From Their Referral List!

If You ever need to get your prescriptions paid for and can Not Afford Them, then please do yourselves a Big Favor and do NOT Contact Simplefill Prescription Assistance Programs!

Thank you.

Reason of review: they charge an illegal processing fee for people with low incomes trying to get their medications covered that they can Not Afford!.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Tried to illegally tape record my voice, Charge illegal processing fees to low income persons, Were rude on the phone, Had a fight with me on the phone, Should not be in business.

  • Processing Fee Charge
  • Illegally Tape Recording
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According to your own profile posted on this site, you claim a total of $480K in CLAIMED LOSSES.

So, just exactly how low can your income possibly be in order to qualify?


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All the information you need to apply to patient assistance programs and other types of assistance is on the NeedyMeds website. All the information is free.

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